Insurance Claims

Before you file a claim:
1. Get your property inspected to make sure there is enough damage to file a claim.
2. Check your insurance policy to review your coverage and the amount of your hail and wind deductible.
3. Call us! We’ll send a skilled estimator, free of charge, to see if there is any damage.

9 Reasons to Take Care of Damages Now vs. Later
1. You can prevent further damages from occurring
2. You will protect the value of your home which may be your largest investment
3. Procrastination kills desire
4. If you don’t fix it now, your insurance will not pay you later.
5. You will eventually have to fix it when you sell – but then it will be out of pocket.
5. You will keep your neighborhood looking nice. When the neighborhood looks good, your neighbors will take pride in their homes too.
6. As time goes by, it will be harder to prove that the damage was caused by a storm and your insurance company may think it’s just normal wear and tear.
7. Your insurance company may drop you for negleting to maintain your property.
8. Due to inflation and successive storm seasons the cost of materials is continually rising.
9. In addition to a higher cost in materials, certain materials may not be available.

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